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In addition to API interfacing services, Etherna offers products designed to:

Certify documents on blockchain

Perform secure on-line voting via blockchain

Certify a chain or a production process on blockchain

Sign documents on blockchain

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bB-Cert certifies all file types registration on the Blockchain.

B-Cert works as a notary system guaranteeing the existence and immutability of specific digital content on the date of registration.

B-Cert protects the content: the file hash (fingerprint) is recorded on the Blockchain, but its content isn’t.

Content integrity can be demonstrated at any time with transparency, by checking on B-Cert or by directly querying the blockchain.

B-Voting is an innovative electronic voting system on blockchain.

B-Voting is integrated with all the electoral management procedures:

system set-up, distribution of credentials, voting, collection of ballot slips, preference counting, result publishing.

B-Supply is a certification and tracking solution for production processes based on Blockchain.

B-Supply records, in a permanent, immutable and punctual manner, the production process progress with the help of Smart Contracts.

B-Supply is a valuable support for quality control, to protect the authenticity of the product and to limit the risks of counterfeiting. Blockchain certification provides enterprises with maximum transparency when tracking the entire manufacturing cycle of the product (e.g. from raw materials to the finished good).

B-Supply is also a valid marketing tool to tell the product story and allow customers to find out about its origin and information.

B-Signature provides a guaranteed and unchangeable signature on blockchain.

B-Signature, thanks to the use of Smart Contracts, ensures:


  • Document integrity certification
  • Document creation date
  • Document version
  • Identity certification of one or more signatories
  • Safe and secure application of “signature” on document