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Meter Reading Certification at a utility company

Stage 1 | Loading

The operator uploads a photo of the meter through the b-cert app of his/her smartphone, certifying the reading.

Stage 2 | Certification

b-cert periodically certifies all files in a massive way and fully independently guaranteeing date and unchageability of readings.

Stage 3 | Storage

The files are uploaded to a long-term digital storage system, in case of any disputes.

Stage 4 | Riception

The client receives the b-cert warranty certificate on the invoice and can contact an operator to view the corresponding photo.


Implementation of an electronic ballot box for managing the entire voting flow for administrative elections of an agency

Stage 1 | Set-Up

OTP submittal: each registered voter receives a unique (anonymous) key created via QR-code and proceeds with the subsequent registration.

User Generation: an account is created on the Blockchain, called "wallet" to allow subsequent voting and verification operations. 

Wallet initialization: the agency’s wallet is created and filled with the necessary cryptocurrency (voting fund) which is transferred to all wallets registered in the previous stage to allow future voting.

Stage 2 | Voting

Vote opening: the agency starts the voting process by calling up the smart contract for voting. The user, after having received the notification on the wallet, votes.

Vote: voting calls for the encryption of the chosen list with the public key of the agency and subsequent writing on the blockchian of the encrypted vote.

Voting collection: voting collection shows a method (API) of the smart contract solely to the agency to learn in real time the number of voters who voted.

Vote closing: The agency calls up a private smart contract method to end the vote collection process. At this stage it will be possible to know how many voters voted.

Stage 3 | Ballot

Vote decryption: the encrypted information (individual votes) is decrypted with the private key of the vote (secret) and finally the vote is written in plain text on the ballot's smart contract. Ballot: the ballot process (smart contract) requires the real-time calculation of the voting results.

Verification: each voter, through the ballot smart contract, will be able to call up the methods to know the ballots in real time.

Publication of Results: the voting ends with the publication of the results


Certification of a supply chain for a fine wine

1 | The landowner

The landowner with the b-supply app on his/her smartphone, registers his/her vineyard.

2 | The agronomist and the farmer

The agronomist and the farmer record the treatments carried out on the vineyards, with or without additional documents.

3 | The harvest and the weighing of the grapes

The harvest and the weighing of the grapes are also registered and certified on the Blockchain.

4 | The lab analysis

The lab analysis records the results and certifies the fingerprint on the Blockchain through b-supply.

5 | An inspector

An inspector (e.g. from the Consortium for the Protection of Wine) examines the certified production process and in turn records the certification.e.

6 | The producer

The producer sells the wine batches to retailers and the respective tokens are transferred, guaranteeing the transfer of ownership and anti-counterfeiting of the product.

7 | The consumer

The consumer, through the b-supply app, reads the bottle label to discover its full background story, from glass to the vineyards that produced it. b-signature


Five different companies share the need to co-sign a
partnership agreement to participate in a public

1 | Document on Smart Contract

Once drawn up, the document is loaded to b-signature and registered on the Blockchain, certifying its creation date and content in a unique, indelible and unchangeable way

2 | Identity and signature

The parties access b-signature, identifying themselves and signing the certified document in a safe and secure manner

3 | Identity and signature at different times

The partnership is joined, at different times by three other companies that sign the agreement through B-Signature

4 | Validity Check

The tender committee verifies the validity of the document and signatures through b-signature or directly from the appropriate Blockchain public tool